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Why Choose Us

Besides poor maintenance, can you think of another factor that can spell doom for any type of industrial machine? If you said heat then you’ll be spot on. Thermal heat can be just as destructive to any type of machine as lack of oil or maintenance can be. In fact, companies and businesses go to great lengths to reduce or even eliminate thermal heat in terms of machinery.

Industrial Machines need regular maintenance to operate efficiently. They need oil, regular parts replaced when needed but, above all, they need to be kept cool. Not only do industrial machines need to be kept cool, but their operators as well. There are many companies that provide cooling towers for these businesses but, often, their products don’t meet the expectations of those who purchase them.

This leads to problems with their machines. If factory owners can’t keep their machines cool it could have drastic detrimental effects for production and that would mean less revenue. Fortunately, when it comes to providing exceptional cooling, there is one company that stands above the rest, and that is Industrial Cooling Towers.

Like our name suggests, we specialise in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of cooling towers of all sizes and suited for all applications. Our regular customers include businesses and companies in the mining, health, hospitality, power supply and refrigeration industries. And, we make a point to using only non-corrosive materials in the manufacture of superior fibreglass cooling towers, which makes our products stand above the norm.

Superior manufacture and arduous quality control measures ensures that our cooling towers are successful regardless for which application they are used. We use top-of-the-line technology in the design and manufacture of our cooling towers, ensuring that your purchase will never fail you and will run above and beyond your expectations.

Apart from cooling towers, we also manufacture industrial cooling fans and offer a wide variety of convenient services such as on and off-site repairs, top quality spares, installation, maintenance and delivery, ensuring that you, our valued customer, get exactly what you pay for and more. We continuously strive to manufacture the best machines and to refine our manufacturing methods.

At Industrial Cooling Towers, we take pride in our superior manufacturing abilities and our complete dedication and commitment to our customers. Regardless of what cooling solution you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you will find it right here by us.

We work hard to provide you with the best, most efficient and most cost effective cooling solutions for your business.