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Services We Have To Offer

Industrial Cooling Towers specialise in cooling towers maintenance and are cooling towers suppliers in South Africa.

Industrial Cooling Tower’s Unique Inspection Service

As part of our marketing strategy we offer you a total free inspection of your cooling towers.

Industrial Cooling Towers then submits a  comprehensive report on the condition of the towers together with recommendations of what is required to bring them back to design specifications, thereafter supply you with a budget proposal.

Industrial Cooling Tower’s services :

As we are a service orientated company, we service any make of cooling tower, from natural draft  draught cooling towers to Mechanical draft concrete towers, surface and underground, and full range of industrial application cooling towers.

Products, Repair & Servicing:

Concrete, Panel and Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Starting as a service company many years ago we were able to note the deterioration and corrosion in Cooling Towers after a couple of years. In many cases these towers had to be replaced at great expense after a very short time in operation. Fiberglass towers have the ability to withstand the elements from the outside such as sun, wind and all weather conditions. The corrosion that normally occurs as a result of water has little effect on the inside resulting in a very extended operating period for Industrial Cooling Towers. The lightweight and flexibility of the material also add many more advantages to owning a fiberglass tower. Our range of towers include the ICT 650, 850, 1250, 1550, 1850 and the 7.5m² ICT 2750. All metal used in the towers are stainless steel.



Is a natural material which is ideally suited for long service life in the harchest Cooling Tower environment. Concrete will never degrade the quality of cooling water circulating through the tower. The choice depends upon design factors, cost analysis, space considerations, noise levels, safety, tower fire rating and issues of operation and maintenance.



Our inducted draught counter flow cooling towers using axial fans are aerodynamically more efficient. Their position on top of the tower, above the fill pack and distribution system, coupled with the aerodynamically efficient shape of the Industrial Cooing Towers, ensure superior performance continuously. All fan blades are manufactured with fiberglass, nylon polypropylene or plastic materials. Weatherproof electric motors are used to ensure good service and long life.

Instead of replacing your fiberglass fan blades, let us refurbish and rebalance them to make them stronger than new blades at a much reduced cost!

Direct Drive Fan:

All of our Cooling Towers are fitted with DIRECT DRIVE FAN UNITS. Benefits of DIRECT DRIVE vs reduction gearbox drives:

We can also RETROFIT most Cooling Towers from the conventional Gearbox / pulley drives to DIRECT DRIVE fan units.

Direct Drive Fan

Drift Eliminator:

To prevent the smaller water droplets being carried out of the tower in the air stream, a drift eliminator is placed across the whole section of the tower above the water distribution level. The drift coalesces the droplets, which rain back into the tower under gravity. The water lost through entrainment is, therefore, very low – max. 0.02% of the circulation water flow. Industrial Cooling Towers are fitted with PVC, polypropylene of stainless steel drift eliminators. We have other types of drift eliminators as well to fit most types of towers.



We supply any type of motor: 220, 380 and 525v, IP55 or IP65 motors from 720 to 1450rpm.



Incoming water is fed under pressure to a network of distribution pipes. The pipes are fitted with low pressure spray nozzles, which accurately distribute the water evenly over the whole fill pack. The nozzles have a high-included angle in the spray cone (more or less 120°) and the distance between the nozzle and the fill is reduced to a minimum as a result. As in the height of the tower casing. The nozzles are non-clogging durable PVC.  We supply a range of nozzles to suit other types of towers as well. This includes cast iron and stainless steel nozzles.


The fill material that is used in Industrial Cooling Towers is a high performance long life medium. Maintenance is minimal when operating under normal conditions. The fill is especially patterned to prolong water and air contact whilst providing low resistance to airflow. The fill material used in our towers is by far the most efficient fill medium available for cooling towers today.  There are however many types of fill available to suit your application.


We install a variety of different louvers for any model Cooling Tower, such as the Bucket Louver and the Dark Room Louver. We can adapt to whatever needs you require regarding Cooling Towers.

Pumps Sumps Refurbishment


We supply pumps for all cooling tower situations.


We drain and clean all types of cooling tower sumps. We also reline the sumps with fiberglass, epoxy or any lining requested.


We offer a professional analysis of your situation when restoring your cooling tower to original design specifications.

Drift Eliminator