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Cooling towers designed and manufactured for your convenience!

Careful consideration and attention to detail is vital when designing cooling towers for different industries. Quality machinery is needed   in order to meet peak production deadlines.

Industrial Cooling Towers have been in this business long enough to have gained enough knowledge about the different cooling towers required by various industries, such as the mining industry, the agricultural industry and the trading industry among others.

Imagine the effects of trying to use the same cooling tower for a mall in the suburbs and an old, hot, and dry farm in the heart of Mpumalanga? There will undoubtedly be a lower performance at the farm. We are a company that believes that businesses should not accept that. We will make you aware that the two environments are totally different and two different cooling towers are required for each environment.

Although the company concentrates on manufacturing industrial cooling towers we have increased our product line by including cooling fans and Fibreglass cooling towers for different types of environments. We understand that with drastic climate change, there is an increased need for cooling towers, especially in the industrial sector. Our aim as a company is to fulfil that need in the market and provide our customers with products that are suited to their individual requirements.

Make sure you make an appointment with the specialists.  We will assess your situation and let you know exactly how cool your establishment needs to be to perform. Contact us today for a quote we will gladly deliver and install the equipment for you.

Cooling towers designed and manufactured for your convenience!

Inspect then maintain your cooling towers, for longevity reasons.

Never feel uncomfortable when doing your shopping.

Winter Time is Maintenance Time!

Why is it important to service your Cooling Tower?

Components most likely to cause problems:

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